Post Operative Nasal Surgery Instructions



DO NOT lie flat. Keep your head elevated at all times until the doctor has instructed you differently.


You may be dismissed from the hospital or facility with a drip pad under you nose. The only purpose of the pad is to protect your clothing. This pad may be changed when needed and/or removed for eating, or if it bothers you.


DO NOT lift anything greater than 10 lbs. and limit your physical activity until the doctor has instructed you otherwise.


Upon discharge from the surgical facility, you will be given prescriptions and a follow-up appointment card. Take your prescriptions as directed. Keep your follow-up appointment. Be sure to bring someone to drive you home if you are having nasal packing removed.


When you feel as though you are going to sneeze, open your mouth and sneeze with your mouth open.


Once your nasal packing is removed, DO NOT blow your nose until the Doctor instructs you differently.


If you bleed significantly after your nasal packing is removed, call our office as a decision will be made whether repacking is necessary. Cold cloths or ice packs may be helpful, but DO NOT pack your nose with tissue or toilet paper.


Hard candy is helpful for the dry and uncomfortable sore throat you may have while your nose is packed.


Saline spray or gel may be recommended to relieve the drying and post surgical crust formation. The doctor will instruct you when and if you may use these items.


Certainly keep your follow-up appointments and contact our office should you have a need during regular office hours M-F 8:30 – 5:00 at: (859) 277-3725.